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Learn how we cultivate our unique data estate so you can understand the trends shaping nearly every business in the global digital economy

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What Sensor Tower does

SensorTower cultivates rich market insights into the trends shaping businesses in the global digital economy. This data is used to augment our customers’ market understanding with the outside-in perspectives their data lacks, such as industry benchmarks for key metrics, a better understanding of who’s winning and losing in their key markets, and to identify disruptive shifts they can’t see through the lens of their enterprise data.

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Where our data comes from

Where our data comes from

Our data scientists and algorithms process and enrich trillions of aggregated data points contributed to us from millions of devices, to cultivate our one-of-a-kind data estate. They get this data from a statistical panel of consumers we have built to continuously learn from millions of people around the world. Our panelists provide us data as they use our popular privacy-compliant mobile apps. We employ best practices to ensure that our panelists understand what data they are providing us in exchange for the use of our apps.

Our Panel Apps

Our Panel Apps

The team in our app studio publishes apps in several categories:

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We maintain total ownership of our panel data

We own our data supply chain from end-to-end ensuring our data is never compromised

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World Class Security and Privacy Practices

IDFA or GAID have never been used to supplement any Sensor Tower product with deterministic personal data

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We Only Collect De-identified Information

Prior to leaving any panelist’s device, all information that could be used to personally identify your users is de-identified

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Panelist Privacy

We protect our panelists privacy through privacy practices that are compliant with even the industry’s strictest data protection regulations

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Informed, Anonymous, Opt-in Panelists

Our panelists are explicitly informed of what data they are giving us, how it will be used, and we only collect de-identified, non-personal information

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Never greedy with data—the Value is in the App

We only collect the data required to deliver the utility the app provides—we’ll never offer a flashlight app that asks for your location!

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Next-Level Privacy Protections

We use privacy-enhancing technologies like differential privacy to help ensure a panelist’s identity can never be derived from our data

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Michel Bohn, Chief Compliance Officer, Sensor Tower

“We are committed to leading the industry in protecting user privacy by working diligently on developing and incorporating privacy-enhancing technologies, such as Differential Privacy, zero-knowledge proofs, and other leading-edge methodologies.”

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SOC 2 Compliant

Sensor Tower has implemented continuous testing and monitoring of its comprehensive security and infrastructure controls, providing real-time protection of its systems and information. The company undergoes regular third-party audits to certify individual products against SOC 2 standards, which are based on the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and evaluate an organization’s information systems relevant to security, privacy, confidentiality, availability, and processing integrity.

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